Business Model Canvas for Kids

The canvas originates from the BMC worldwide known grouping the 9 boxes into 4 one to be better used by the pupils (What, Who, How and How much)

4 video tutorials to present the canvas’ sections

Teachers’ book

A guidebook for teachers to explain the basic contents of the canvas and providing practical guidance (with extra contents and examples) on how to implement the activities in class and guide the pupils on the use of the project web platform;

Students’ book

A booklet for students to guide them on the use of the project tools (starting from the simplified canvas) and to provide simple and clear inputs on the business definition and planning;

ENPOW4Kids library

A dedicated library for specific insights, quizzes and feedbacks forms for the participants to monitor the grade of participation and the level of understanding.

Interactive section

In this area the students have the possibility to discuss and share ideas with the other students in other countries [chat function] and to upload their business idea presentations / animations for a peer review with the other students.